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Property Loan

Hiring a personal credit line in some cases is a difficult task either because of the time it takes for the transaction to be completed and the money cleared into account or because of the impositions made by the banks. In these cases, opting for a secured line of credit, such as the secured home loan at Omni, is a great alternative.

Omni is a company that offers its clients financial solutions for more than 20 years, working directly with credit lines and investments. The institution is already consolidated in the national financial scenario, which makes it easier for clients to feel more secure when applying for loans with the company, such as real estate refinancing.

What is Real Estate Refinancing

What is Real Estate Refinancing

The home equity loan at Omni, popularly known as real estate refinancing and mortgage, is one of the most widely used lines of credit in the world, such as the United States, for example. However, in Brazil, this product is still a little unknown by a large part of the population, mainly because of popular precepts.

In this negotiation, the contractor of the credit line uses a property, which can be either a residence or a commercial room, to guarantee the payment of the loan. That is, in cases where the requester can not honor with the commitments, he has the property used for the payment of the debt.

Because of this, many people end up avoiding this product for fear of losing their home or company headquarters. However, what they do not know is that in this type of loan, the rates charged are much lower and the installment of the credit line can last for years, which makes it much easier at the moment of payment.

Omni makes available in this link the whole table of the tariffs that are charged in the negotiation, which ends up helping the applicant in the moment that is to simulate the contracting at home. This is a very important step, to check the current financial conditions of the family, for the non-mortgage contracting, as it helps to decide if it is possible to maintain the financing during the whole term.

In addition to these advantages, real estate refinancing offers the contractor the opportunity to be able to take large amounts, always agreeing with the total value of the property used in the negotiation. This means that the limit value available to the contractor will be according to the percentage of the market price of the asset involved in the negotiation.

How to Apply for Property Asset Loan

In addition to these benefits, the real estate refinancing still allows the client to use the amount obtained in the loan as he / she understands, without the need to justify the request or inform the reason for the loan. Therefore, this line of credit is ideal for entrepreneurs, who are looking for resources for their establishment, and for indebted people who seek to pay off debts.

property loan and cash

And since Omni is a company that has been working in the financial market of the country for more than 40 years, working directly through its agents in all regions of Brazil, hiring this credit line is a quick task for the applicant, which can achieve the release of credit in a few days.

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