Loan with guarantee of property

Getting a credit line from banks is not always easy, especially in times of recession, such as the one Brazil has been experiencing in recent years. An alternative that people who are looking to hire this product is the secured loan of property at Bcredi, which offers customers great conditions and many differentials.

Bcredi is one of the best companies to apply for this line of credit, since the financial institution offers its clients an uncomplicated solution in mortgage and real estate financing. Currently, the company has more than 5 thousand customers and has already provided more than R $ 450 million to the contractors of the plan.

How is the secured loan

How is the secured loan

Before you understand how Mortgage works at Bcredi, you need to understand how that credit line works. As you can imagine, in the loan with guarantee of property a person uses some house or commercial room that possesses as a way to guarantee the payment of the debt and get to obtain the requested amount in the financial institution.

Home equity, as this type of loan is also known, is one of the best solutions on the market for people who are looking for great values ​​to be used in a variety of ways. In this type of line of credit, the applicant does not need to inform the institution of the purpose of the loan, that is, he can use the amount to pay off debts or invest.

In Bcredi, the mortgage has some differences that help the applicant in several moments, mainly in the payment of the parcels. The financial institution offers clients the possibility of credit analysis with the combination of income between individuals and legal entities, ie if the applicant owns a company, he can consider both rents in the negotiation.

  • In addition, the loan with guarantee of property in Bcredi accepts the inclusion of non-registered real estate. This means that the company accepts that homeowners can mortgage constructions that do not yet have a record. These opportunities offered by the company are great for entrepreneurs who need credit for their venture.

The loan is made available to customers within 10 days, with interest rates ranging from 1.14% and 1.55% per month, depending on the property involved in the negotiation. The interested parties obtain loans that are equivalent to 50% of the value of the property, being able to obtain up to R $ 1.5 million, with installments that can last up to 15 years, which facilitates in the moment of the payments.

Where to hire the mortgage

Where to hire the mortgage

The company does all the negotiation procedures through its website, optimizing the time of hiring the product and speeding up the whole process. Through this link, it is possible to have access to all the benefits of the mortgage in Bcredi besides being able to simulate the installment and to contract the loan, that is, the whole process is done 100% online.

When accessing the link, it will be possible to have access to the simulation of the whole negotiation, besides being able to opt for the best conditions. After this step, the client finishes his / her registration and sends all the documentation requested by the financial company for analysis, that it is possible to be followed by the own site.

After the period of analysis, the client must still pass the examination of the documents and inspection of the property, which indicates the maximum amount that can be obtained in the mortgage. The loan with guarantee of property in Bcredi is of easy adhesion and quick analysis, taking up to 10 working days for the release of the requested values.


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